We Need a Little Christmas

Murphy ObershawNewman University Student “For we need a little Christmas, right this very minute.” This line from a popular Christmas carol has been randomly popping into my head from time to time this month. I am usually one of those people who refuses to listen to Christmas music or wear Christmas themed outfits until BlackContinue reading “We Need a Little Christmas”

Generosity in the Midst of a Pandemic

Paola NunezNewman University Alumni The day began like any other day: Cars drove up. We placed their meals on the table. They picked up their meals and drove away. Toward the end of the shift, the flow of our meal distribution station became interrupted. A man drove up and got out of the car carryingContinue reading “Generosity in the Midst of a Pandemic”

God-Shaped Holes

Dr. McFallProfessor of HistoryChair of the Division of Humanities I grew up in a conservative Protestant church which didn’t really mention Lent.  Lent was that thing Catholics did. And, in the small rural town in which I grew up, that was not a recommendation. I had friends whose parents forbade us from dating Catholics. WhyContinue reading “God-Shaped Holes”

Ordinary Life Goes On

Dr. Kelly McFallProfessor of HistoryChair of the Division of Humanities My friend Gale passed away last week.  My favorite memory of Gale is of a moment in church a couple years ago. I’m active in my church and often lead parts of the service.  That Sunday I was leading the prayers of the people.  I’dContinue reading “Ordinary Life Goes On”