Collaborative Short Story: Chapter 5

The Virtual Red Couch is hosting a collaborative short story project. Each week, a new author will continue the story. Check back every Monday to see how the story unfolds! Chapter 5Written by Fr. Adam Grelinger “And seeing a griffin!” broke in the Cloud with a hint of excitement. Emma and Daniel looked up toContinue reading “Collaborative Short Story: Chapter 5”

Enduring the Fasts and Savoring the Feasts

by Emily Simon Fall is the time of the year I like to reread my favorite series. Perhaps the weather and the blankets and the kitten cuddles and the pumpkin-scented everything just creates an environment conducive to reading. Perhaps the holiday season prompts us to return to semblances of home. Perhaps the crushing reality ofContinue reading “Enduring the Fasts and Savoring the Feasts”