The Red Couch

The Red Couch was the place we all gathered to drink coffee, share life, make fun of Koby, do homework, drop our backpacks, etc. Though we may not be able to gather round the Red Couch anymore, the Virtual Red Couch is the place where we can still share life with one another.

We want you to join us on the Virtual Couch! We want this to be a community space! Have a thought you want to share with others? Read a book you’d like to review for us? Want to record yourself reading your favorite poem? Have a prayer to share? Send it our way and the community will be able to join you on the Virtual Red Couch.

Who’s behind this?

Wait. You don’t know who we are? Neither do we.

Fr. Adam Grelinger

Chaplain, Director of Campus Ministry

Fr. Adam enjoys the simple things in life like roasting his student workers in poetry format, feasting on microwavable Mac & Cheese, and laughing during the most inappropriate times at Mass. While he does not approve of the practice of crying, he does occasionally take part in the human ritual of patting someone on the shoulder (from a 5 foot distance). He is the last obstacle standing in the way of the Campus Ministry Office attaining a guinea pig herd.

Email me: grelingera@newmanu.edu

Emily Simon

Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

Emily Simon is a future Nobel Laureate for the yet unpublished memoir entitled You Have Not Dreamed What I Have Dreamed. When she is not ruining coffee with creamer or campaigning for Guinea Pigs in the office, she quietly attends to her computer across from the real-life Red Couch. During the crisis Emily hopes to be a devourer of worlds, fictional worlds that is, as she takes to task her GoodReads goal.

Email me: simone@newmanu.edu

Our Campus Ministry Team

Koby Nguyen: master poet of cringe-worthy rhymes straight out of a teenager’s diary.

Marie O’Neal. This girl caucuses hard. The sit-on-the-floor-in-the-way-of-everything technique is her favorite.

Murphy Obershaw. Murphy instigates her own marriage proposals. Thankyouverymuch
Steven Irwin Nguyen. Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year.
Clare Morgan: graceful like a gazelle…until she’s not.

Ready to run away?

Please stay on this website. We really are normal, nice people

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