NU’s Sacred Heart Hall Room 222

Sister Charlotte Rohrbach, ASCDirector of Mission EffectivenessProfessor Emerita of History It’s Friday, 3/27/2020, and I’m here at the university because this is the computer I am using for zoom meetings and any work I am doing while we are all keeping safe during the covid-19 pandemic facing us around the globe and in particular inContinue reading “NU’s Sacred Heart Hall Room 222”


By Steven NguyenNewman University Student Twinkle twinkle little starWas that glimmer in her eyesSo bright it would shine A well of love for everyone to draw fromWith only a thank you needed in returnSo much depended upon this priceless pearl Until the well ran dry,The clam was left barrenAnd darkness. Believe it or not, IContinue reading “Plight”

Oreo Commercials

By Murphy Obershaw Newman University Student My favorite commercials are Oreo commercials, especially the two OREO Wonderfilled Anthems. The lyrics for the shorter one are “Wonder if I gave an Oreo to somebody out there who I didn’t know.  Would they laugh after I’d gone? Or would they pass that wonder on? I wonder howContinue reading “Oreo Commercials”

Enduring the Fasts and Savoring the Feasts

by Emily Simon Fall is the time of the year I like to reread my favorite series. Perhaps the weather and the blankets and the kitten cuddles and the pumpkin-scented everything just creates an environment conducive to reading. Perhaps the holiday season prompts us to return to semblances of home. Perhaps the crushing reality ofContinue reading “Enduring the Fasts and Savoring the Feasts”

A Time for Freedom

by Fr. Adam The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly a time of crisis for the world, for Wichita, and even for ourselves. Part of the personal crisis, though mild compared to what many may be going through, is the fear of keeping ourselves entertained. How can I survive the possibility of two months of social distancing?Continue reading “A Time for Freedom”