Missing the Campus Ministry Community?

So are we. Welcome to your Campus Ministry Office away from the Campus Ministry Office! Let’s build a digital community in this age of social distancing. No computerized interaction will replace the vibrant conversations that characterize the Campus Ministry Office, but we’re hoping that within the pages of The Virtual Red Couch, we can provide space for the friendships and the discussions that make life livable.

But we need your help! Do you have a story of your experience in this unprecedented new reality you’d like to tell? Do you have a book you need to recommend? Do you have a thought that’s been bouncing around in your head that merits a full reflection? Please share them with us so that we can keep the discussion moving!


The world will be saved by beauty! Let’s spend our free time engaging in poetry and deep thought and sharing our musings with each other.


Just because we’re not physically present with one another doesn’t mean we can’t pray with one another.


Through our discussions and challenges, we hope to capture just a bit of the office fun we’ve grown so used to. Let’s laugh and encourage one another digitally!

What are the critics saying?

Wow. Such wow. Really an amazing site put together by amazing people. 10/10 would recommend. Also very friendly to guinea pigs.

Guinea pig on the right

This website really helped me build grit. Secretly, I’ve also come to cherish poetry as the single-most important aspect of my life.

Koby Nguyen,
Head of Security for the Preservation of the Human Race Through Any Means Necessary

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